Miory Central Regional Hospitalis the largest healthcare institution in the Miory district.
Address: Miory, Kommunisticheskaya str., 82.

maxiCRBThe structure of the hospital includes 6 departments:

- therapeutic department – here there is gastroenterological, neurological, pulmonological, nephrological, cardiological, allergic, rheumatological care, patient rehabilitation.
Head – Sycheva Tatyana Stepanovna, tel. +375 21 5242868;

- infectious box office provides treatment for people with infectious diseases.
Head – Sinyavskaya Irina Viktorovna, tel. +375 21 5241854;

 - surgical department provides scheduled and emergency surgical care, traumatological and gynecological care, treatment of patients with diseases of the eyes, ear, throat, nose.
Head – Gorbachev Ivan Mikhailovich, tel. +375 21 5251810;

- pediatric department has gastroenterological, neurological, pulmonological, nephropathic, cardiological care for children.
Head – Шук Анастасія Аляксандраўна, tel. +375 21 5251813;

- obstetrics department specializes in the provision of obstetric and gynecological care for women and children.
Head – Krylov Ivan Alexandrovich, tel. +375 21 5251808;

- Anesthesiology and resuscitation department provides emergency medical care in conditions threatening human life.
Head – Romanenko Georgiy Ivanovich, tel. +375 21 5251821.